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We all have choices we make every day. Each choice we make builds upon our character and brings us closer to our best version of self. My classes encourage you to experience yoga with attention to awareness of the body, breath, and movement. Giving 100% in whatever it is you decide to do, even if that means sitting out of a few poses. Drawing upon my experience of 7+ years of practice and extensive yoga training (200 E-RYT, M.S. Yoga Therapy, multiple workshops, retreats, I think you get it….), I present a well-rounded vinyasa yoga class that practitioners of all levels can attend and enjoy.


Once I found my passion, there was no turning back. My path is forward with dedication to yoga for others.

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“I love Jen’s yoga classes, she’s an awesome teacher! Her classes are the perfect mix between spirituality and physical challenge. She knows how to make you sweat and enjoy it!”Laura La

Cleanse the body, then cleanse the mind.

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[Video Tutorial] 2 Minute Opening Yoga Practice

By Jen Allen  /  August 22, 2018
Try this fun and upbeat 2 minute practice to start out your day, or maybe, take a break from sitting at that desk!
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Getting fit during addiction recovery

Getting Fit During Addiction Recovery

By Susan Treadway  /  June 3, 2018
Exercise and nutrition play an important role in mental health. By incorporating fitness into addiction recovery treatment, you’ll feel better and improve your mental health. Many studies have identified the benefits of exercise and physical activity on mental health, and when you’re managing your mental health better, you’re less likely to use drugs or alcohol.
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Oh how we feed the soul and the body.