I’m a person full of energy to move. You are too. We can all move. There may be limitations or blockages through our physical or mental state, but movement is within us all. Even if it’s just on a cellular level. So what is this blog about? It’s about choosing to live in a world of movement for your body, for your mind. If you sit for extended periods of a time, this is the blog for you. If you’re always moving, this is the blog for you. If you’re a good mix in between, this is the blog for you.

Basically, this blog is for anyone interested in learning or expanding on their current body and energy flow. I’ll post stuff about the activities I’m familiar with: yoga, rock climbing, brazilian jiu jitsu, running, weight lifting and any other activities/trainings I pick up (hello, pilates!).

If you want to know a little bit about me, I’m currently a yoga teacher in Maryland. You can find me at Jen Allen Yoga or on Facebook: Jen Allen Yoga I also practice (and teach the yoga there!) brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) at Wrightson in Towson. Before I became a yoga teacher, I was a long time desk junkie. I worked in offices doing support for IT, accounting and administration. I sat for A LONG TIME PER DAY without breaks. I didn’t realize I was ruining my body. At one point, I ended up over 200 lbs. We’ll save this for a later date.


For now, I welcome you to my first post of this blog!