The video shown below is when I just started practicing AcroYoga with one of my training partners, and co-worker, Nick. We started in March of 2014 and practiced for a few hours a week for 3-4 weeks straight before recording this in April 2014. This was our third time practicing the routine in full sequence without any spills. Partner Yoga is an act that takes two. We’ve since progressed to other sequences and started making up our own movements. I’m very grateful for the patience my partner shows me, along with his jokes to help me relax (yes, I’m human and need help relaxing sometimes too!). Before Nick, I had tried doing AcroYoga with others but we just didn’t mesh or the schedules conflicted. I’d like to also mention that this would not be possible without the initial guidance of Jason Coleman, an accomplished Acro Yogi that was featured in USA Today [article].

Looking forward to updating everyone on the progress once I get more video coverage!


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