yoga-940359_1280What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a full bodied approach to help you achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, restore a sense of vitality, live with a deeper place of meaning, be awake to every moment, and bring balance to your wellbeing. It is a form of health promotion that utilizes the tools found in yoga such as physical postural alignment, breathing exercises, and meditation. Each session takes a multilayered therapeutic approach using the tools of yoga to create a personalized home plan of care for you.


What Is The Yoga Therapy Process?

During the yoga therapy process, you will be observed in yoga postures, breath assessments, and interviewed about your goals for the session.  Based off the information provided on the intake form and with the assessments tools, I will be able to devise a take home yoga practice that is individualized for your needs. The tools of yoga such as physical postural alignment, breathing exercises, and meditation, are meant to serve your well being in your journey for improved health of the body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to your take home written practice, I will also provide illustrations, or pictures, of the postures, along with a written guide on how to complete each practice to help assist your home practice, via email. Also, if a guided audio meditation is included, I will provide a link to an audio recording for you to access via the internet.


yoga-1148172_1920What Will My Initial Session Include?

In your initial session you will be required to complete an intake form prior to the start of the session. You may arrive early if you wish to complete the form at the office, however you may also complete the form at home and bring it with you to your first session. I will review the information on the form, such as: previous medical history, yoga therapy goals, current pain or discomfort you are experiencing, and information about your daily activities. Then, after any additional information is presented during the review of the form, we will begin with yoga assessments to determine current state of being of your body, and breath, through movement, postural analysis, and breath analysis. I also utilize the philosophy of yoga to address subtle energy within your body. During the first session I will lead and guide you into postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. You will be able to start your personalized at home practice with what is covered in the initial session.


What to Expect from Your Yoga Therapist:be-1357825_1920

As your yoga therapist, I adhere to strict privacy act, such as HIPAA and also stay within the yoga therapy module and  scope of practice. I do not massage muscles, or manipulate joints, administer or prescribe drugs, nor advise in any dietary changes. I will provide an open space for you to explore your well being through the tools of yoga. I promise to provide a safe learning environment and encourage all clients to ask questions if they are ever confused. My commitment to yoga and yoga therapy is displayed in my continued education pursuits of developing the professional practice. If permission to touch is obtained from you, I may give a guided touch to
help assist you in a posture.


My Role As Your Yoga Therapist:

As your yoga therapist, I take the utmost care and professionalism of yoga therapy as designed by our field’s governing body, International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT). Strict adherence to IAYT guidelines and also the HIPAA Privacy Act, ensure your care and confidentiality are of monumental importance. My role is to provide an open space for yoga therapy to occur. I make sure that the room and props are cleaned immediately after use, providing a safe environment for you. I also am available during contact hours, listed above, for additional questions you may have regarding our sessions together.


doctor-563428_1920Referring To Another Professional:

It is my duty to stay within my skill set and expertise of yoga therapy. That being said, if I find I am unable to assist your needs within my scope of work as a yoga therapist, I will make a referral to a health professional. In addition, if there is a yoga therapist that specializes with a certain population, I may suggest a referral or collaborative yoga therapy team to better assist you. If an option presents itself to work in conjunction with your current health care provider and/or integrative health team, I kindly request that you inform me so I may make appropriate communications with them to help provide the best integrative care possible for you.



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