• 200 HR E-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)
  • Over 1,400 hours of teaching
  • M.S. Yoga Therapy

My commitment to yoga is bringing the best of my knowledge, understanding, and personal experience of yoga to my client by providing an informative, challenging, and fun yoga session! I continuously improve my understanding by attending extensive training by leaders in the industry and by application of my personal yoga practice.

Jen Allen

Yoga Instructor

Private Yoga Therapy

Operating out of Aspire Yoga Center in Bossier City, Louisiana

Learn About Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

90 minutes first session
60 minutes follow up sessions

Intake Forms must be completed prior to visit. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early if you prefer to fill out forms in the office.

Yoga therapy is a full bodied approach to help you achieve a greater sense of well being, restore a sense of vitality, live with a deeper place of meaning, be awake to every moment, and bring balance to your well being. It is a form of health promotion that utilizes the tools found in yoga such as physical postural alignment, breathing exercises, and meditation. Each session takes a multilayered therapeutic approach using the tools of yoga to create a personalized home plan of care for you.

Private Thai Yoga Energywork

Operating out of Aspire Yoga Center in Bossier City, Louisiana

Learn About Thai Yoga Energy-work

Thai Yoga Energy-work focuses on returning balance to the client’s energy levels through the use of Thai Yoga. 

During this session, the client is adjusted into restorative poses while the practitioner moves the client and assist for a deeper stretch and relaxation. Many clients report a sense of tension Lorelei in the body, renewed energy, and sense of balance after the session.

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What Others Are Saying

“I love Jen’s yoga classes, she’s an awesome teacher! Her classes are the perfect mix between spirituality and physical challenge. She knows how to make you sweat and enjoy it!”

Laura La

“Jen is very good instructor, she good at adapting to any individuals and group. Brings lot of positive energy and knowledge when teaching.”

Richard G.

“Jen Allen is a very student conscious instructor; she adjusts instruction for individual needs and abilities of her students.

Amy R.

“I’ve gone to the occasional yoga session since about 2010 and I only viewed it as a periodic stretching session. It’s always been mechanical and awkward and I usually couldn’t stop staring at the clock thinking: This is lame.

Jen changed all of that completely. I stumbled into her class as sort of a rest day to prepare for my next Krav Maga belt test. I didn’t expect much, but instantly there was something different than other yoga classes. The way she speaks and practices yoga, you can tell it’s something she is truly passionate about. That vibrancy extends to any student who is receptive enough to embrace it.

She’s extraordinarily knowledgeable and can spot the smallest weaknesses in your form and help you adjust accordingly. She has helped me steadily solidify basic poses, and challenged me to climb to greater poses. But all of that fails in comparison to the thing that keeps me coming back, those five little minutes at the end — savasana.

Jen changed my look on yoga and in turn, yoga has helped me develop a greater understanding and relationship with my body and mind. I am grateful for Jen, and I’m confident I’m not the only one that feels that way.”

Dylan G.

“Jen Allen is an excellent yoga teacher. It seems to me that Jen is someone who keeps the well-being of her students first and foremost in her mind. Her patient instruction and approach to teaching yoga (building up poses from basic to more advanced in a sensible, stepping stone system… with a focus on safety and discipline,) meant that I more than achieved my goals in flexibility, going from not being able to touch my toes to full binds within six months- but more importantly (and surprisingly to me) instilled the sense of wholeness and empowerment that makes Yoga Asana practice a unique experience. I wholeheartedly recommend learning your practice from her!”

Jessie S.

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